Monday, March 16, 2009

Well, at least Kim Jong-il likes good food

Kim Jong-il isn't exactly a great guy. But he likes Italian food, so we know he isn't completely soulless.

If you don't want to go read the article linked to above, basically, North Korea's Great Leader is opening up the nation's first Italian restaurant. I'm sure your average North Korean would prefer if he focused on getting enough rice to all the commoners first, but hey - when you're craving pizza there's not much you can do. Even though I went grocery shopping just the day before, last night I decided that I really just wanted a good slice of New York-style pizza instead.

As someone who's part Italian and cooks and eats that kind of food fairly frequently, I can't fault him for wanting to open an Italian restaurant (wanting is one thing, actually doing it is another). And maybe, just maybe, the endorphins released by consuming a quality marinara sauce will put Kim Jong-il in a good mood and perhaps make him less inclined to be so antagonistic towards...well, almost every other nation on Earth, but particularly South Korea and the U.S. Although frankly, if the food there resembles your standard pizzeria in the South, I doubt it will help very much.

EDIT: Maybe it's working already?