Friday, March 20, 2009

Sorry sorry sorry sorry...

Super Junior is BACK.

Not content with 5-6 members in a boy band, a few years back the Korean entertainment company SM entertainment created Super Junior. Super Junior has 13 members - one for every flavor, I guess. They have handsome guys, boyishly cute guys, girlishly cute guys, singers, dancers, a chubby guy, a Chinese guy. It's really not a bad idea - there's bound to be someone in the group who floats your boat. And once you've committed yourself to actually learning who all the members are, it seems like you've invested too much to move on to another pop idol. Super Junior's songs were never very interesting to me, until their latest release, "Sorry Sorry." I CANNOT get it out of my head. I've tried, and now I've just decided to embrace it. Anyway, here it is: Listen to it, love it, boggle at how they fit all 13 members in the video.

Super Junior "Sorry Sorry" MV with English subtitles