Saturday, February 7, 2009

They're Coming...

Remember the Wonder Girls? The girls who sang the K-poppiest of all recent K-pop songs, Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody? Well, their record label apparently has plans to cross over to the American market.

Here's their (English!) interview with Worlds on Fire at the Grammy-nominated Artist Exhibition:

They're actually pretty cute here, and clearly excited to be giving an interview in the States. It's hard to say how good their English is, since they don't stray far from the standard "nice to meet you" and "my name is," although lead singer Ye-eun does call the art show "intriguing" - somebody studied her vocabulary flashcards before showing up today!

Also, they don't introduce themselves with their real names. Of the first three girls to introduce themselves, Sun is actually Sun-ye, Yeni is actually Ye-eun, and Mimi is actually Sun-mi. Not terribly difficult for English speakers, and I hope they'll not underestimate the intelligence of their audience. We'll see whether or not they start promoting songs over here or whether they'll be successful if they do try. Personally, I don't think their retro-cute look would take them anywhere beyond a one-hit wonder in the States. But I was forced to listen to their songs non-stop for months at a time last year. What think other, unbiased Americans?


Laura said...

Richard and I have listened more than once to the music you've posted, and Nobody is definitely a song that is addictive. I think it could possibly succeed as a single, but probably only if recorded in English. As far as I can tell, they don't have many other good new songs (Richard found one of their CDs that had like 8 remixes of Nobody and only a couple other songs). It's hard to maintain momentum riding on one good single. Also, the whole dance-pop thing is definitely more of a 90's thing in America (we feel like Thai pop is still sort of stuck in the '80s - Korean pop has more in common with the '90s). That being said, Richard and I listen to Nobody on youtube at least a few times a week. It's a ridiculously catchy song and the Wondergirls are so cute!

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